As a creator, I love exploring topics that interest me by approaching them from my unique perspective as a queer Asian-American. 

Note: All videos are directed, produced, and edited by Nik Sokol of NSOK DESIGNS, formerly branded as IANTHE.

South Korea: My Experience as a Chinese Adoptee | AUGUST 2022

A video essay exploring my experience visiting Korea as a Chinese adoptee from the United States. | Created for Contemporary Korean Culture & The Korean Wave at Yonsei University International Summer School.

Wistful | DECEMBER 2021

A short film depicting the feeling of wistfulness experienced by a college student dealing with mental illness. | Created for Introduction to Digital Filmmaking at Clark University.

This is What Depression Feels Like - A Short Film | MAY 2020

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, this PSA-style video depicts the feeling of depression from the perspective of lived experience. CW: Mentions of depression and suicide. | This video was shared with 心怡HARMONIOUS and gained over 500 views through WeChat. 

Neverland - A Short Film | MAY 2018

A creative video essay illuminates the thoughts of a teenager's experiences with mental health and illness while living in a stigmatized society. 

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