Nik Sokol is a multimedia artist and aspiring digital designer seeking to help others embrace mental health and wellness through creative communication channels.

A graduate of Clark University, Sokol holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and minored in studio art with an emphasis on graphic design. Beginning in 2018, NSOK DESIGNS originated as a personal portfolio site but has evolved into a small business and personal brand geared toward showcasing Sokol's ability to communicate across multiple media channels while also providing space for personal endeavors in photography, film, and writing.  

Professional experience includes projects in graphic design, UI/UX, branding, and social media. Bringing an interdisciplinary approach to their art, Sokol strives to act with a social entrepreneurial mindset that bridges their academic passion for psychology with health innovation and communications.

- Canva Design Challenge: Galaxies, Canva
- Raver Kid, The Solstice
- Collage Magazine 2020, Lake Forest College
- Heart & Sole Walk 2016, Potter League for Animals
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