It began and ended with you
Through the tears of fall and blossoms of spring
The lights of Christmas and warm summer heat
Like a captivating songbird cooing her final melody

Perched on my shoulder 
I saw the glimmer of hope in your song
Each note wavering under the setting sun
As your head lay nuzzled against my neck

Crying into my ear like a siren's song
Pulling the last of my heartstrings
Into tears that streamed down my face
As if to say everything at once

At last we watched it dip below the horizon
The hues of orange, pink, purple, and blue
Replaced with rising stars and faraway planets
Lighted by a full moon

On cue the tempo slowed until note
             faintly audible
             stumbled out
             your wing inching upwards
             as if to emulate a conductor's finale
                         before it fell
And I was met with silence

Her song replaying freshly in my mind
The story of her life arranged
In endless movements
That could almost last a century

There, I stared at her
The beauty of each feather
Moving with the lazy wind
Watching as she flew off into the distance

After a passing comet
And its radiant ray of light
Off to another world
More brilliant than this

© 2017

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