If I could show you the sky, I'd tell you it's the color of cornflowers that brightens at the horizon
Towards the east, the color fades into what will turn into the sunrise later at dawn
It's that moment of peaceful morning when the birds are chirping once again
They started in the early hours past midnight
Singing to each other what I presume, to be the plan for their day
I've spent countless nights awake until now
Buried in thoughts and insomnia, that staying away and noticing the changing sky brings peace
It grounds me to watch the world continue in a perpetual cycle all the while
We the human beings are creatures breaking out
Believing control is real, and more tangible than faith
For I believe that it is merely a notion to keep us sane
For how can we both be a speck in the sky looking down on the earth, and the one looking up?

© 2018

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